Senior Serverless Engineer

This is a rare opportunity to join a small, high-performing venture-funded team as one of the first employees in a deep-tech startup. 

You will be joining us not because you are a top-class engineer, but because you are excited about the prospect of working on cutting-edge technology that solves hard technical challenges.

Not only will your engineering prowess shape the development of our technology, but your character will help shape the positive culture of this new, exciting company.

We are solely working on the AWS serverless stack (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis, API Gateway), using Golang for implementing the functions. Our customizable API is based on GraphQL and our infrastructure can be deployed using Terraform. We follow practices such as CI/CD and test-first (on all levels) because we truly believe in their advantages. We interact directly with our customers, listen to their feedback and prioritize accordingly, without getting into a firefighting mode. But most of all, we focus on finding the right (working) solution and like to experiment until we do so.

Beside the technical challenges, we offer an international fully-remote team, 30 days vacation, depending on your skills and location a salary of 70k to 90k EUR + VSOP and whatever is required for you to be successful (e.g. custom hardware, home-office starter pack, co-working space, …).

We are fully aware, that you most likely could find a job in any company. But we don’t want to be just any company, rather we want to be the company where passionate engineers like you would love to work. So instead of submitting your formal résumé/CV, let us know what your ideal workplace would look like and what we could do to receive your engagement for Tilo.

If you have read this far, you are probably wondering what we actually do. We develop a highly-scalable, “entity-resolution” technology. Entity resolution (ER) is the connecting of non-identical, related data from disparate sources to “entities”. Entities can be anything from people, to companies, to financial transactions. Companies today are collecting more and more data, of varying quality and from different/disparate sources, but they are only able to productively use a fraction of this data. Why? Because matching this data together, so that one has the full data picture, is technically very difficult, especially at scale and when data must be accessed in real-time. In order to fully utilize and get value from data resources - both internal and externally-sourced - the data needs to be matched together - entity resolution - in a manner which can be searched quickly.

Sounds challenging? It is!


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