Propel your growth with entity resolution for big data

Transform the usability of your messy and inconsistent data to propel your data-driven growth and scalability.

Transform your data usability with TiloRes superpowers

TiloRes is the entity resolution technology built to scale data-driven companies and operations.

Faster than a blink of an eye

TiloRes matched entity response time will always be <150ms. No matter how bulky and complicated your data set is.

Unlimited scalability

Designed for serverless technology, there is no limit to the amount of data that you can simultaneously process with TiloRes.

Real-time record linkage

Identify records that refer to the same real-world entity with advanced deduplication algorithms and no loss of meta-data

Your game, your rules

Connect multiple data sources and create unlimited data matching rules based on your needs. Sky is not the limit for TiloRes.

Seamless integration

Access to flexible GraphQL API which enables your data engineers to configure their own queries as they like. Upgrades to TiloRes don't require a new AP

One-click for data privacy compliance

Find relationships between entities and records that refer to the same entity and comply with GDPR and data protection laws.

Why do you need entity resolution?

Fewer frauds, better profits

Let machine learning run on complete data set. Better detect potential fraudsters by connecting transactions and real-world entities. In real-time and at scale.

Big data quality

Don't choose volume over quality, have both. Match and assemble large volumes of customer data into a single source of truth for better-informed decisions. Your marketing team will love you.

More compliance

Ensure your most complete regulatory and data privacy compliance. TiloRes powers both your data privacy and KYC/AML compliance.

Case study

How TiloRes Enabled a Consumer Credit Bureau to Scale and Provide Real-time Data

More data, less complexity

Unstructured: our speaker series looking at the intersection of data science and business

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