Connect unstructured data, in real-time and at scale

The easiest, fastest way to match and deduplicate unstructured data: Empower your team to work on the full data picture. Data ingestion and search in real-time with unlimited scaling. 

Transform your data with TiloRes

TiloRes is the next-generation entity-resolution technology that enterprise Data Engineers and Data Scientists have been waiting for. 

Super fast searches

Constant response times of <150ms, no matter how complicated your data becomes.

Unlimited scaling

Designed for serverless technology, there is no limit to amount of data TiloRes can process simultaneously. 

Real-time deduplication

Advanced deduplication algorithms make searching faster and simpler, with no loss of meta-data

Flexible matching rules

Custom design data matching rules based on whatever type of entity data you want to match: people, businesses, transactions - there are no limits

Easy integration

The flexible GraphQL API means engineers can configure their own queries as they like. Upgrades to TiloRes don't require a new API.

Data protection compliant

Deploy to your own cloud infrastructure. TiloRes complies with data protection laws, such as GDPR, out of the box. 

Why enterprises need the full data picture

Fraud Prevention

eCommerce and payment companies need to detect potential fraud by connecting transaction and account data in real-time, so that ML aglorithms are run on complete data. 

Identity Matching

Organisations, such as credit bureaus, receive large volumes of person data from multiple sources. These must be reliably matched and assembled into identities, in a GDPR-conforming manner. 

Data Disclosure

To comply with data protection laws, organisation must be able to disclose the data they hold about individuals. Unstructured data from internal silos needs to be matched and delivered quickly and reliably.

Trust and Safety

Media publishers and social media platforms face a constant battle to detect undesirable users who try to evade bans by creating new accounts. Matching these accounts in real-time enables better safety measures. 


Disparate data on individuals, companies and transactions needs to be matched quickly, to determine is people are really who they say they are and that transactions are legitimate. 

Case study

How TiloRes Enabled a Consumer Credit Bureau to Scale and Provide Real-time Data

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