Next generation, serverless entity resolution technology

Connect data from disparate sources in real-time with no limitation on data scale and consistently fast searches

TiloRes's Advantages

Superior Efficiency

Deduplication technology makes searching faster and simpler. 

Low cost

Low and predictable running costs thanks to use of serverless technologies.

Near Constant Speed

Typical response times of <150ms, no matter how many entities are stored.

Use Cases

Identity Matching

Organisations, such as credit bureaus, receive large volumes of person data from multiple sources. These must be reliably matched and assembled into identities, in a GDPR-conforming manner. 

Fraud Prevention

eCommerce companies and payment providers need to detect fraudulent payment patterns in real-time. Banks and insurance companies need to evaluate risk based on complex, big data. 

Product Data Management

Affiliate network publishers and eCommerce companies need to handle enormous product data feeds to create real-time product recommendations. The right customer needs to be shown the right product at the right time. 

Data Disclosure

To comply with data protection laws, organisation must be able to disclose the data they hold about individuals. Data from internal silos needs to be structured and matched to get the full picture.

Interactive demo

Try submitting some data to this demo version of TiloRes to see how it works in real-time.

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  1. 1. Submit random data.
  2. 2. Connect with more data.
  3. 3. Search for an entity.
  4. 4. Enable all demo features.

Case study - a European consumer credit bureau

Regis24 is a European consumer credit bureau. They needed a solution to connect data on the German population from over 200 million data sets. After trying various solutions on the market, including graph databases, they turned to TiloRes.

Today TiloRes is the core data infrastructure for Regis24, allowing them to ingest data in near real-time and provide data to their customers with searche times consistently <150ms.

The Founders

Formerly the core tech team from a European consumer credit bureau

As a team, we have been working together for years developing credit bureau technology, including TiloRes, that has handled hundreds of millions of sensitive datasets. Our previous experiences range from fintech startups to large marketing tech companies. 

Steven is a driven entrepreneur with a PhD in Genetics from UCL and an MBA from Oxford University. Steven founded fintech company Satago, which is now part of TruFin (TRU:LSE). He also worked at Rocket Internet launching eCommerce businesses around the world. At Regis24 he was the Chief Product Officer.

Dr Steven Renwick

Founder & CEO

Hendrik is an experienced tech manager used to dealing with big data infrastructure. Previously he was Group IT Director at the affiliate network giant Awin. At Regis24 he was the Chief Technology Officer, where he led the company's transition into cloud and serverless technology. 

Hendrik Nehnes

Founder & CTO

Stefan Berkner

Stefan is a passionate self-taught software engineer with 15+ years experience in development and architecture. At Regis24 he was Lead Software Engineer where he was responsible for leading the development of the technology that would go on to become TiloRes.

Stefan Berkner

Founder & CDO

Coming Soon

Something Fast is Coming

Tilo Tech is a new, spin-out company comprising the core tech team from a European consumer credit bureau. Soon we will release the commercial version of TiloRes to a limited number of early users.

Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum and we love speaking with fellow innovators. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss use cases, technology, data infrastructure or anything else inbetween.

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